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Red, red wine from Sussex - taking on the world

It wasn't so long ago that English wine was regarded as a bit of a joke, but not any more.

Wine made here in the South East now wins top awards against the best in the world.

And it's no longer just white and sparkling wines - producers in our region are branching out into reds too.

Malcolm Shaw has been watching the harvest at Bolney Wine Estate in Sussex.

Are you drinking too much?

It's caused quite a surprise. But new Government guidelines on how much alcohol we can safely drink have been issued, which say it's safer to drink nothing at all.

Doctors are hoping the new guidelines will drive down rates of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. For many it's well timed - as dozens of people try to abstain for Dry January.

But as Matt Price reports it's angered some campaign groups.


South East's vineyards are money-spinners

There's big money in the South East's vineyards. They're not quite at a level to rival the slopes of Tuscany or the plantations of South West France, but what started as almost a cottage industry 30 years ago, is now a multi-million pound money-spinner. Nashreen Issa reports.

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South-east wine & strawberries for Wimbledon!

Whether you're a sporting fan or not, you can't have failed to notice Wimbledon fortnight has just begun. And once again suppliers in the south east are making hay while the sun shines by sending their wares to the world-famous tournament.

But for the first time in Wimbledon's history, there'll be an English wine on the menu - and it's from Bolney in Sussex.

David Johns reports, speaking to wine maker Sam Linter and strawberry grower Marion Regan.

£100,000 worth of wine stolen

Wine was taken from a warehouse in Basingstoke Credit: ITV Meridian

Thieves have stolen more than a hundred thousand pounds worth of some of the world's finest wines from a warehouse in Basingstoke.

Like the Hatton Garden heist, they cut a hole through the wall of the firm Berry Bros and Rudd - which is famous for supplying the Royal family.

One crate alone they stole was worth £5000.

Wine was taken from a warehouse in Basingstoke Credit: ITV Meridian

And our next lesson in school is... wine making

Many schools have business classes nowadays but how about their own vineyard?

Well, pupils at Buckswood School outside Hastings are learning the science, production and art of wine making - and they've got their own vintage to prove it.

Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to head teacher Mark Redsell, pupils Tom Milne and Alexandria Roberts, and local winemaker Alex Carr-Taylor.


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