Petrol panic buying

Two petrol stations at Christchurch in Dorset were closed by police this afternoon. Queues to get into the garages caused traffic problems.

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Petrol panic buying

More views from our Facebook friends, over panic buying of fuel:

Sharm Graves: getting married in north wales next week another thing to worry about if we will get fuel thank you goverment : ( they have not even said they are stricking yet grrrr)

Kayleigh Taylor I can see why people are panic buying it will always happen but do people forget that they can always use a bike train bus or even walk??? If people say work is too far away get a train. My partner does.

Paula Cunnington What is wrong with people. They have to give a weeks notice! It's madness. A friend of mine filled up yesterday and yes she WAS empty! The stupid woman in front of her put in £3.72. It's madness

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