20 mph limits for Kent

Local residents in Maidstone are campaigning for 20 mph speed limits to prevent car accidents.

20 mph speed limits for Kent streets

A group of residents in Maidstone are campaigning for a twenty miles per hour speed limited to be introduced in their road. People living in Upper Fant Road, which runs parallel with the busy Tonbridge Road near the town centre, say it is used as a short cut by drivers.

They say speeding motorists are endangering the lives of children and parents who walk along the road to a local school. They've won the backing of South East Euro MP Keith Taylor who says twenty miles per hour is the European 'best practice standard'.

"If you've got cars going slower, it's not rocket science,if they hit someone there will be less damage, less injuries it makes for a safer environment walking,cycling is more encouraged. Everyone's a winner and there's less pollution, so what's not to like about that,"said Mr Taylor, who represents the Green party in Brussels.

– Keith Taylor, Green Party, MEP

But Kent County Council say they have no plans to make any change.

“A traffic calming scheme in the Fant area of Maidstone costing £168,000 was completed in April 2010. Residents were fully consulted. The County Council has no plans to introduce blanket 20mph limits across residential areas in Kent as current evidence indicates that these are less effective than 20mph zones that require traffic calming. Kent County Council is currently piloting some speed reduction measures outside primary schools in Maidstone which include 20mph limits to determine their effectiveness in Kent

– Councillor David Brazier, Deputy Cabinet Member, Environment, Highways and Waste, Conservative

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