Agency issues flood apology

The Environment Agency has apologised to Oxfordshire residents for failing to issue a flood warning until six hours after they were under water.

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Agency forced to apologise for late flood alert

The Environment Agency has been forced to apologise to residents for failing to issue a warning until six hours after a village was flooded.

The move comes after seven homes in Wendlebury, near Bicester, were flooded on Thursday at about 2.30am.

A flood alert was not issued by the Environment Agency until 8.30am.

Residents said it was the fifth time since 2001 that the village had flooded and problems started after the M40 and A41 dual carriageway were built.

The latest flood has also raised concerns that proposals for a new link road from the A41 across farmland near the village to Graven Hill will exacerbate the problem.

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