New airports decision timetable

The man who will choose the best site for a new airport or more runways in the South East has said that all options are on the table, with nothing ruled in - or out.

  1. John Ryall

Timetable announced for South East airports decision

The man charged by the Government to choose the best site for the runway or runways, today announced that at this stage all options are on the table, and nothing's ruled in - or out.

While we still do not know where the new airport for the south east will be built, now _we know the timetable for the announcement.

For parts of Kent, Essex, and Sussex, such words cause no end of worry, or property blight.

Sir Howard Davies' task is to produce an interim report by the end of next year, then a full report in the summer of 2015 - after the next general election.John Ryall has been looking at what could happen - and when.

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