The news today

If you missed our Daybreak bulletins this morning, Amanda Piper brings you a full round up of what's happening in the Meridian region today. Helen Plint has the weather.

Today's Headlines:- Flood Alert? The Environment Agency says the risk of flooding will reduce over the next 48 hours. Although the weather has improved, flood warnings are still in place across Oxfordshire and Berkshire.

Sewer Solution? Southern Water says our sewers are becoming overloaded with fat, oil, grease and rubbish which doesn't break down. The company is now training prison inmates to remove the blockages - giving them a skill while also combating the problem.

Returning to her roots - The Duchess of Cambridge is taking a trip down memory lane today. She's visiting her former school, St Andrew's in Pangbourne to join pupils as they celebrate St Andrew's Day.

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