999 message in a bottle

The emergency services have launched a new campaign for everyone to keep basic medical information in an empty bottle in the fridge. They say it will save lives in the event of a medical emergency.

Emergency services top tip to save lives

Hampshire Fire & Rescue and South Central Ambulance Services say it can take up to three-days to trace next of kin. A message in a bottle can be a life saver to those that live alone or suffer from a disability or long-term health condition.

The message should be an A4 form that asks for basic personal and medication details. The form is then placed inside a small plastic bottle which is then kept in the fridge. A sticker is placed on the outside of the fridge to alert anyone that visit the property that information is in the fridge.

"This is a simple, free idea that can help so many people, that’s why along with South Central Ambulance Service Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service is backing the scheme 100 per cent."

– Kerry Charlton, Watch Manager at HFRS

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