Crossing crash victim named

We are getting reports that a train has hit a car on a level crossing in Sandy Lane in Yarnton in Oxfordshire.

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Michael Crick: Rail source 'knew crash was going to happen'

A man killed at a level-crossing in Yarnton, Oxfordshire, today may have been the victim of technical problems which have beset the crossing for years, according to Channel 4 reporter Michael Crick.

He says a contact within the rail industry told him "I just knew this was going to happen."

The man, who was in a car, was killed by a freight train at the Sandy Lane crossing just north of Oxford and south of Kidlington.

The location is in the Prime Minister's constituency of Witney.

According to Crick's source, the crossing has had technical problems for a long time.

There's been an on-going fault for four years. The Network Rail maintenance team have not been able to fix it. The barrier arms stay down much longer than they should do.

"This means that during busy periods, queues of traffic build up on either side of the line.

"So if there is a case where a freight train, say, quickly follows a passenger train then the queue of cars may not have been cleared before the barriers come down again."

– Railway industry source

It's not clear whether the long-standing fault is responsible for today's fatal accident, but Crick's source says he would not be surprised if it was.

"This fault has been on-going for donkey's years. No one seems to want to fix it, or to know how to fix it. I knew this was going to happen."

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