Men forced to work for free

Two men admit keeping vulnerable people in squalid conditions and making them work for nothing.

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Vulnerable men suffered beatings

Two travellers who exploited vulnerable men and made them work long hours withno pay, live in tents and suffer beatings were jailed today. Victor Romain, 56 and Christopher Groombridge, 32, suffered at the hands of John Connors and his brother-in-law William (Billy) Connors for around five months.

The men, who were homeless or had drink problems, were approached by theConnors family and told they could work laying block paving or tarmac for £30 or£40 a day and they would also be given food and accommodation.

But instead they received little cash for up to 80 hours' work a week with nohealth and safety training nor the proper tools, Southampton Crown Court wastold. John Connors was sentenced to 40 months in prison and William Connors wasjailed for 30 months.

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