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A round up of what's happening in the Meridian region with Amanda Piper.

Amanda has the news

If you missed any of our Daybreak bulletins this morning here's a chance to catch up with Amanda Piper who has all the day's news. Simon Parkin looks ahead to the day's weather prospects.

Today's top stories:- Spiralling Price - The cost of building two new aircraft carriers has risen again, this time by £217million. The warships will be based in Portsmouth and are the largest developed for the Royal Navy.

Flights Delayed - Thousands of passengers were stuck at Heathrow Airport last night due to technical problems with the air traffic system. Some planes were stopped from leaving meaning people having to wait around an hour more than expected.

'Fat Cats' - New figures show nearly a quarter of our feline friends are overweight. The figures from the charity, Cats Protection, also discovered nearly one in ten ate Christmas dinner while 3% were sent a Christmas card.

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