Protesters removed from trees

Protesters are being removed from trees along the route of the planned Hastings-Bexhill link road.

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Link road: Treetop protesters eviction underway

Protesters demonstrating against the construction of the Hastings Bexhill link road have continued with their treetop demonstrations today. They have also burrowed down in tunnels to prevent trees being felled to make way for the £94m road project in East Sussex.

Protesters remain in the trees along the route of Hastings-Bexhill link road Credit: Malcolm Shaw

Bailiffs have begun evicting the third protest camp to be set up. They have removed four protesters so far today, with about a dozen still left in the trees. There has been one arrest, although most people are being removed peacefully

Treetop protest against Hastings - Bexhill link road Credit: Malcolm Shaw

Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and the RSPCA joined campaigners calls at the weekend to save woodland in the Coombe Haven Valley. Councillors insist, however, the 94 million pound road is vital for the local economy.

Bailiffs remove protesters from link road construction site Credit: Malcolm Shaw

Adrian Hopkins of the Combe Haven Defenders protest group said: "Resistance has been growing to this awful scheme as each day passes and more people become inspired by the action so far taken to protect the beautiful Combe Haven valley.

"This is only the beginning of a sustained campaign of peaceful resistance to this environmentally disastrous white-elephant project."

While Andy Atkins, Executive Director of Friends of the Earth said: “'This road shouldn't have been approved.

"It will lead to more pollution, damage the environment and do little to boost the local economy. Reviving discredited road schemes like this won’t solve our economic and transport problems, it will simply shift traffic elsewhere. Transport policy must change direction.

"We need cleaner cars and safe, efficient and affordable alternatives.'”

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