New outcry over HS2 route

Campaigners against the High Speed 2 rail link say a building society has officially valued a house near the route as worthless. The property in the village of Turweston, in Buckinghamshire, is around 450 metres from the proposed HS2 line.

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Home on HS2 route 'worthless' - full report

There are new fears tonight over the value of thousands of homes along the route of the proposed High Speed two rail link. It follows the case of a house in Buckinghamshire which has been valued for a mortgage at nothing.

It's left the 97 year old owner, who is in a care home, unable to sell and desperately needing to pay for care fees.

Our Transport Correspondent Mike Pearse reports and speaks to son Mike Harper-Tarr, David Richards of Turweston Parish Council and house buyer David Babister.

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