New outcry over HS2 route

Campaigners against the High Speed 2 rail link say a building society has officially valued a house near the route as worthless. The property in the village of Turweston, in Buckinghamshire, is around 450 metres from the proposed HS2 line.

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  1. Mike Pearse

David Jason hits out at HS2

David Jason Credit: PA

Veteran actor Sir David Jason has joined the list of well known people to oppose the high speed rail line HS2. He is convinced the line will be "damaging" to local communities.

A new £33 billion line is set to improve links between London and major cities in northern England, but it has been met with opposition from critics who fear it will blight the countryside.

Only Fools and Horses star Jason, who lives near Wendover in the Chiltern Hills, reveals he has similar reservations and admits he is worried about mounting costs for the project.

He told the Daily Telegraph: "We live in the Chilterns and it's going to be so damaging. The line will slice right through the Chilterns and there's going to be huge opposition.

"What makes me laugh is the figure they gave of £33 billion. You know what will happen. It will be like all these projects. After a few years, they will say the cost has gone up to £40 billion, then it will be £60 billion.

"Eventually it will be £90 billion and, when they are questioned about it, they will say, 'Oh, that was ten years ago. The costs have gone up so much since then.'"

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