Three elephants die in parks

Three elephants have died in the past fortnight at Howlett's Animal Wild Animal park and its sister wildlife park at Port Lympne in what appear to be entirely unrelated incidents.

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Wildlife park elephant deaths: more details

Some of the elephants which live at the Kent attractions

Howlett's and Port Lympne have given further details about the deaths of 3 elephants at their wildlife parks.

Swana, a female elephant was injured by another female in the herd on 2nd April 2013. Her injuries left her unable to get up and the decision was taken to humanely put her to sleep.

On 10th April 2013 a female, named Stavit – who was responding to treatment for an infection in one of her back legs – collapsed and was also put to sleep.

At Port Lympne, on 11th April a female African elephant named Issa, was discovered by her keepers, unable to get to her feet. Expert vet staff and keepers, assisted by Kent Fire and Rescue worked hard to help her up throughout the day.

Unfortunately exhaustion overcame her and efforts to raise her were stopped. She was lowered into a comfortable position to give her time to recover her strength. She was eating and drinking and being monitored by keepers through the night when she suddenly deteriorated and died minutes later.

Vets and expert keepers, assisted by KF&R, worked hard in all three cases to get the animals back to their feet. Sadly, the animals did not have the strength to carry on.

Kent Fire and Rescue, Animal Division have provided invaluable assistance in all three cases.

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