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Dambusters: The Fallen

Mick Tees - Fred's nephew - and wife Lyn at Charlie Crew's resting place. Credit: Meridian

The Dambusters raid Seventy years ago has taken its place in British military history as a stirring tale of daring and courage.

Fred Tees before his Dambusters days Credit: Mick Tees

But the success of the raid on the great dams of Western Germany came with a high price for the RAF. Fifty three airmen were killed and eight of the nineteen aircraft lost.

Flight AJ/C and Charlie Crew were among the unlucky ones. Six of the seven airmen were killed when the Lancaster en route to the Lister dam crashed in Hamm.. The survivor was Fred Tees from Haywards Heath in Sussex.

Tragedy Above Hamm by Ivan Berryman shows AJ/c's last moments Credit: Ivan Berryman

Our Correspondent Derek Johnson travelled Germany's Ruhr Valley with Fred's nephew Mick Tees and his wife Lyn to find the last resting place of Charlie Crew - and discovers a twist in the tale.

Derek Johnson at the Lister Dam, Charlie Crew's target Credit: Meridian

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