Man dies after 'legal high'

A 18-year-old man has died after taking a 'legal high' drug he bought on the internet.

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18-year-old dies after taking 'legal high'

A teenager who took a 'legal high' drug bought via the internet has died at Southampton General Hospital. The 18-year-old's mother phoned an ambulance after finding him in his bedroom on Wednesday 14th August.

He said he had taken Alpha Methyltryptamine (AMT) which had been ordered from Holland.

Police have issued a warning about the use of so-called 'legal highs'.

Just because something is not illegal does not make it safe. Unfortunately, it appears that anyone can call anything a ‘legal high’ and sell it as ‘safe’. It only becomes clear it is not safe when someone becomes severely harmed by taking it and subsequent investigations reveal substances within the compound can be lethal."

– Jonathan Hyland, Detective Constable

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