Burglars steal wedding rings

Two wedding rings were stolen during a burglary in Selsey, West Sussex on the 12th August.

Wedding rings stolen from Selsey

These wedding rings were stolen in a burglary in Selsey Credit: Sussex Police

Two pagan wedding rings were stolen from a home in Selsey after men conned their way into the victim's house.

The rings were taken from a house at Wellington Gardens at about 1pm on Monday 12th August

The 49-year-old victim was visited by a man who offered to do work on his driveway and kept him talking.

When the man left, the victim found that his and his partner's weddings rings had been taken from the dining table where he was preparing to photograph them.

The rings were platinum wedding rings with a beading design around the entire edge.

The couple are Pagans and the rings are to mark the end of their handfasting, which is the period of a year and day when they can choose to marry or split.

It is believed the first thief distracted the victim while a second thief went through the home's back door to steal the rings.

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