Woman assaulted in Southampton

A woman was followed after midnight in Southampton when a man punched her in the face but he left after she hit him with her shoes.

Appeal after woman assaulted at West End

Police are appealing for information after a woman was walking home alone and punched by a man several times.

The victim managed to hit the man with the shoes she was carrying in her hand and he fled the scene.

When the male left, the woman lost her balance and fell over a small wall into a garden where a man from the house asked if she was alright.

The incident happened on Sunday 25th August at around 12.20am along Botley Road towards West End in Southampton.

The victim was wearing a floor length blue/green evening dress and a clutch bag tucked under her arm.

The main offender is a white man, aged 18 to 23, 6ft and of medium build. He wore a light grey hooded top and dark jeans.

We need to hear from anyone who saw the victim walking along this route or who saw the men following her. We also are appealing to the man whose garden the woman fell into to contact police.

The attacker may have been cut or injured when he was hit by the victim’s shoe. Do you know anyone who has an unexplained facial injury?

If you have to walk home alone, try to keep to well-lit main routes and make sure someone knows where you are going and carry a mobile phone."

– Tamsin Hoare, Detective Constable

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