Rail safety campaign launched

A video campaign aimed at promoting safety on rail lines has been launched by Network Rail.

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Rail safety campaign aims to save lives

The Track Tests video shows how Wretch 32 and George the Poet battle to make a split second decision, relying only on their hearing to work out which direction a train is coming from as it travels towards them at 80mph in the dark.

In this instance of course, it’s not a real train. The artists stand in a warehouse where a mocked-up railway with a ‘spoke’ of tracks has been built.

Sound engineers have created a 360 degree surround-sound system to recreate the noise of an approaching train with other distracting noises.

In the test, Wretch and George each stand in the middle of the spoke and, when they are sure which direction the sound is coming from, they select a corresponding button.

Only then do they find out if they are right or wrong and if they selected in enough time.

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