Somali pirates stopped by UK Navy

Somali pirates have been stopped in the Indian Ocean by two vessels from the British Navy.

Somali pirates stopped by Royal Navy and allies

The Royal Navy said it wanted to send a clear message that piracy no longer pays Credit: Royal Navy

A group of Somali pirates have been stopped in their tracks by acounter piracy task force following recent attacks of two vessels in the Indian Ocean.

The Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) Counter Piracy task force along with other allies embarked on the operation.

The Royal Navy said the naval community should be vigilant of the threat of piracy Credit: Royal Navy

A task force of vessels from different countries had been searching for the pirates since they attacked and exchanged gunfire with the supertanker Island Splendor on Friday 11th October. Three days later a Spanish fishing vessel was also attacked by what was suspected to be the same pirates.

The pirates were 500 nautical miles from the Somali coast. Credit: Royal Navy
The Combined Maritime Forces is a multinational naval partnership of 29 nations Credit: Royal Navy

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