Young horse dumped in rubbish bag in Kent

The RSPCA are appealing for information after a skewbald foal was dumped in a rubbish bag and left to die.

The young horse was found by a dog walker who spotted the foal’s nose poking out of a yellow, heavy duty Hippo bag in an alleyway behind homes on Kingsground Avenue, Belvedere on Wednesday.

The horse had collapsed and was emaciated with shallow breathing.

It looks like someone has reversed a truck down the start of the alleyway next to the Leverbottle Pub and just chucked the bag off the back of their truck and driven away knowing the horse would lay there suffering until an eventual death. How someone can dump a live horse in a dark alley knowing that they would be leaving it there to suffer and die is beyond me. It was an upsetting scene. I have never seen anything like it. Thank goodness for the kind members of the public that rang us and stayed to assist while we waited for the vet and horsebox.”

– RSPCA Insp Ellen Thomas