Sitting out in the sun may reduce blood pressure

Exposing your skin to sunlight may help reduce blood pressure says a study carried out by researchers at the University of Southampton.

Feeling the sun on your skin can reduce blood pressure

Sitting out in the sunlight and exposing your skin to it could help reduce your blood pressure, which in turn could help cut the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Research carried out by the University of Southampton showed sunlight altered levels of the small molecule nitric oxide in the skin and blood which reduced blood pressure.

The study consisted of 24 healthy people exposing their skin to UVA and UV rays from tanning lamps.

The results showed that UVA exposure dilates blood vessels, lowers blood pressure and alters nitric oxide in the circulation without changing vitamin D levels.

Cardiovascular disease, which is associated with high blood pressure, takes 30% of deaths globally each year.

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