Artifical pond of 1-tonne sandbags to fight flooding

The Environment Agency is creating a large artificial pond using sixty one-tonne sandbags to stop Winchester flooding. The move should slow down the flow of water into the River Itchen.

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One-tonne sandbags lowered into River Itchen

The sandbags will stem the flow of the River Itchen Credit: ITV News Meridian

Cranes were used to place huge sandbags weighing one tonne each into the River Itchen through Winchester tonight, to restrict its flow and slow the water. It's the second phase of an operation to prevent the city from flooding.

Sandbags weighing a tonne each are lowered into the River Itchen Credit: ITV News Meridian
The sandbags are carefully positioned to stem the flow of the reiver Credit: ITV News Meridian

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