Artifical pond of 1-tonne sandbags to fight flooding

The Environment Agency is creating a large artificial pond using sixty one-tonne sandbags to stop Winchester flooding. The move should slow down the flow of water into the River Itchen.

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Large pond created to reduce flooding in Winchester

A large 206,000m2 artificial pond is being created to contain flood waters and help Winchester cope with the exceptional quantities of water flowing down the River Itchen into the city.

60 one-tonne sandbags are being used to create the large retaining pond and to divert flood water from the river into this new storage area.

This engineering feat between the M3 and Easton works by storing flood water which will help reduce river levels and slow down the flow of water.

More rainfall is expected and groundwater is expected to continue rising for the foreseeable few days. Groundwater levels are currently higher than they were in the 2000/2001 event – and rising.”

– Mike O’Neil of the Environment Agency

The Environment Agency will be monitoring levels closely to ensure there is no increased flood risk to residents in the Easton area.

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