Giant jellyfish washed up on Portland beach

A giant jellyfish has been found on a beach in Dorset - which could be a result of the hot weather the UK is experiencing.

Giant jellyfish washes up on Dorset beach

This could become a familiar sight for those in South if the hot weather continues Credit: Dorset Media Service

A giant barrel jellyfish has been found washed up on the south coast in Dorset.

The Marine Conservation Society are warning that the larger than life marine animals could become a regular sighting if the hot weather continues.

The huge jellyfish was found by local residents washed up on Portland beach in Dorset.

Suzanne Sheldon, aged 48, found the jellyfish when she was walking her dog and said: "It was at least 3 foot in width and was very bulky too. It was the largest jellyfish I have ever seen”.

A giant jellyfish was washed up on Portland beach Credit: Dorset Media Service

Richard Harrington from the Marine Conservation Society said: "This predicted hot weather to come, can mean that even more jellyfish are likely to wash up or be in the seas around places like the west-country.

“Although this species is harmless their numbers are likely to grow fairly quickly as sea temperatures rise. We are very keen to hear from people that find any washed up anywhere around the country.

"This is an Atlantic species and are sometimes found washed up but still advise the public not to touch them”.

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