Fresh talks over Manston

RiverOak to continue negotiations with Manston's owner

  1. Sarah Saunders @SSaundersITV

New hope for Manston

After having an offer of around £5 million to buy Manston airport rejected, a Riveroak representative has told Meridian "We don't think the bid was too low but clearly the owner thinks it's too low. And there will be further discussions with the owner."

Tony Freudmann, once the airport's operations director said new talks are planned : "The discussions will be confidential and will be conducted by the CEO of RiverOak in person.

"Ultimately it depends on the response of the present owner but I think that when she hears from the Chief Executive of RiverOak that she will decide that it's a fair offer and she should accept."

Talks are planned for today or tomorrow.

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