Deer rescued after becoming trapped in child's football goal

A rescue operation has taken place to free a deer who got it's antlers entangled in a child's football goal in East Sussex.

Rescue operation to free a deer trapped in child's football goal

Volunteer rescuers attended a deer rescue with a difference. Trained members of East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) were called out to a report of a deer with its antlers entangled in a child's football goal.

The risky rescue took place at the edge of Abbotts Wood close to Robin Post Lane in Hailsham. Two ambulances attended on site and rescuers searched for the deer before discovering it at the edge of the wood in tall vegetation.

"As we approached the deer it dragged the netting and metal poles from the damaged frame with it" said Trevor Weeks from WRAS. Trevor had to tackle the deer and pin it to the floor. The netting was the removed** before Trevor jumped away allowing the deer to get up and run off back to the wild.


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