Eastbourne pier: Your memories

We take a look at your memories and the best photos of the iconic Sussex landmark -as it was and as it stands now.

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Journey of Grade II listed Eastbourne pier

Children playing in the sand on the beach at Eastbourne in the 18th century Credit: PA Wire

The pier was built in 1866, created by the same designer as Brighton's West Pier.

It cost more than £13,000 and was opened to crowds in 1870.

Eastbourne Pier was designed by Eugenius Birch in 1870 Credit: Barratts/S&G Barratts/EMPICS Archive

During WWII, part of the pier decking was removed and machine guns were installed in the theatre as the pier's situation provided a good vantage point to spot enemy landings.

A hunt in East Sussex taking place in 1967 along the Grand Parade at Eastbourne Credit: Sport and General/S&G and Barratts/EMPICS Sport

In 1942, an exploding mine severely damaged the pier and nearby seaside resorts after police mistakenly thought it had been fitted with a safety device.

The pier known as 'Old Lady' to locals in East Sussex Credit: Julie Murray

Over several decades, the pier theatre was rebuilt several times until a big fire destroyed it in 1970 - but the owners replaced it with a theatre which stayed in place.

The last remaining flames this morning are battled by firefighters Credit: PA

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