Sheep take to the stage for King Lear

Sheep line up ready to perform in King Lear Credit: ITV Meridian

A special Shakespearean play featuring sheep, is being shown at Jevington in Sussex. It's about a frustrated director unable to persuade his cast of animals to perform King Lear.

Jevington farmer Stephen Carr went and saw the show as it was performed in London and decided to bring the performance to his farm near Eastbourne. It was performed in a warehouse with some city sheep from a petting zoo and I was sure we could come up with a more appropriate venue.

The stage is set for the unusual performance of King Lear Credit: ITV Meridian

"It is instinctively a good combination - we started working on it in May and we did a performance we thought was going to be a one off in Lewesham. One of the things I found interesting was how the breed and personality of the sheep is different. We go to Sussex and the sheep are totally different - they are a lot scarier, stronger and more confident, they are totally different to ones we have worked with before."

– Lucie Elven,Producer and assistant director

ITV Meridian spoke to actor Alasdair Saksena.