Snake found in boot of newly-bought car

A motorist got the shock of her life when she opened the boot of her brand new car to find a 3ft boa constrictor staring back at her.

Shocked woman finds snake in boot of new car

A Berkshire woman was admiring a second hand car she had just bought, when she opened the boot and got a big surprise.

A three-foot boa constrictor was staring up at her.

The 3ft snake was seen curled up on towels in the car boot Credit: Charlie Wise

23-year-old Charlie Wise thought the snake was a toy at first but when the reptile flicked its tongue she screamed and slammed shut the boot.

The snake was kept in the boot despite the car being sold Credit: Charlie Wise

Charlie rang the car's previous owner who said he had lost the snake two months ago but did not want the animal anymore.

Local animal charity, Berkshire Reptiles Centre, came and collected the snake who survived the ordeal unscathed.

A friend helps to gently remove the snake from the boot Credit: Charlie Wise

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