Mystery of 50ft giant crab caught on camera in Kent harbour

Jury is out on what this strange site is Credit: Weird Whitstable

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Or is it a giant crab?

Aerial images of a giant sea creature in Kent have appeared on the website Weird Whitstable which features all manner of supernatural stories and pictures.

The site was set up by artist Quinton Winter and features this image taken from Whitstable Harbour

The website reads: "Crabbing is a popular activity for children during the summer.

"Does this satellite photo of the harbour reveal a giant crab or unusual sand formation?"

The jury is out on whether the image genuinley does show a giant crustaction and if there really is claws for concern.

Some say it could be a spoof but you would be shellfish to stop somebody having a bit of fun

Is a giant crab patrolling a Kent harbour? Credit: Weird Whitstable