Octopuses given own art exhibition in Brighton

The world's first art exhibition for a non-human audience goes on display at Brighton Sea Life Centre on November 7.

Creations include a bunch of grapes, a piece of swiss cheese and a plate of spaghetti, made of materials including ceramic, plastic, wood and rope.

The art will be displayed in five tanks and each piece is designed to stimulate an octopus's natural curiosity about colour, shape and texture.

The pieces have been carefully designed to ensure they are not a hazard, and have been slow-soaked in saltwater to leech out any possible toxins in the materials. Credit: BrightonSeaLifeCentre
Brighton Sea Life Centre’s common octopus gets to grips with Das Balloon’s bunch of grapes. Credit: BrightonSeaLifeCentre

'Das Balloon', a team of two sets of brothers from Worthing, are behind the collaboraiton and are renowned for the out-of-the-ordinary.

Sea Life curator Carey Duckhouse said: "Octopuses are among the brainiest of sea creatures and welcome the chance to explore and manipulate new objects. We think they're going to love them."