Hampshire towns have most diabetes-related amputations

Fareham and Gosport, in Hampshire, have the highest rate of diabetes-related foot amputations in the country.

According to Diabetes UK, for every 1000 people with the condition, five have had a limb removed.

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  1. Emma Wilkinson (@emmawilkitv)

Diabetes amputee urges others to check feet

'Put feet first' is the message to diabetes sufferers in Hampshire, which it's been revealed, has the highest amputation rate in the country.

New figures show more diabetes patients have limbs removed in Gosport and Fareham than anywhere in Britain.

Experts say in many cases, such drastic measures could be have been prevented.

A man who had to have his lower leg removed spoke to other patients at a workshop in Fareham, about the importance of regularly checking feet.

Emma Wilkinson has more details:

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