Woman ordered to pay £700 for cigarette littering

An Aldershot woman has been ordered by the courts to pay more than £700 after being found guilty of dropping a cigarette end in the street.

It's estimated that the taxpayer foots a £1 billion bill to cope with the 30 million tonnes of litter dropped every year Credit: Press Association

Karla Vecetti, 41, of Fisher Lane, was found guilty in her absence after failing to appear at Basingstoke Magistrates’ Court on Thursday 4 December to face an offence of dropping litter.

The court fined her £200 and ordered her to pay a contribution of £562.50 towards Rushmoor Borough Council’s costs and a victim surcharge of £20.

She has become the fourth person to be prosecuted by Rushmoor Borough Council for dropping a cigarette end in the street

The annual cost of street cleaning in Rushmoor currently stands at more than £1 million.

This case, together with the other recent convictions, has shown that the courts will impose substantial fines on anyone found guilty of littering in Rushmoor. The message is simple – dispose of your litter responsibly in the bins provided or face a steep fine.

– Councillor Ken Muschamp