Man fined after being caught fly-tipping on secret camera - twice

A man has been fined more than a thousand pounds after being caught fly-tipping on secret camera - twice.

Grant Quick, 21, of Pottery Place in Blackbird Leys was caught dumping waste near Garsington - just miles from a recycling centre.

Mr Quick said he was planning to take the waste to a recycling facility, but ran out of time to dispose of it responsibly before he had to return the van.

He then said that he fly-tipped twice as he thought he had got away with it the first time.

He was fined £1,500 at South Oxfordshire District Council for the offence which happened in July and August last year.

“It’s bad enough to fly-tip, but to do it twice, especially so close to the nearest recycling centre, is really irresponsible.

"We ask people to stop and think before taking shortcuts.

"It really isn’t worth it. For the sake of cutting a few corners, this man now has a criminal record.”

– Cllr Judith Nimmo-Smith,