Campaigners protest over third runway at Heathrow

Campaigners are protesting over third runway plans Credit: ITV NEWS MERIDIAN

A day of action has been held near Heathrow to highlight "the devastation" campaigners claim will be caused by a third runway.

They say historic buildings would be under threat in villages around the airport from the development with hundreds of thousands more flights causing extra noise and pollution across the Thames Valley.

But those in favour insist the £18 billion scheme would create thousands of jobs and boost the regional economy. They say 100,000 local people now back the yes campaign.

The Governments Airport Commission is considering two options at Heathrow for another runway or an additional one at Gatwick and will report in June.

The new runway would either be at a new location close to the junction with the M4 and M25 or extending one of the exiting two runways towards Windsor. The M25 would be put in a tunnel to allow this.

ITV Meridian spoke to John Stewart from Against Heathrow Expansion and Rob Gray from the Back Heathrow campaign.