Thousands of children receive lessons on online safety

Thousands of children have been given lessons on online safety Credit: ITV News

More than twenty three thousand children in Kent have been given lessons alerting them to the dangers of the internet. The e-safety lessons were funded by the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner and were delivered in schools, shopping centres and mobile police stations.

Whilst the visits are predominantly in primary schools, they have also taken place at libraries, Scout and Guide groups, shopping centres and mobile police stations.

Since beginning in March 2014, 346 inputs were delivered in the first twelve months, engaging with a total of 23,286 children. In addition, 77 inputs were delivered to parents.

"Our young people do face a whole host of issues and dangers online, and we all have a duty to do what we can to help them find a way to stay safe. But, often parents are not in a position to spell out the dangers if they are not 'tech savvy' - I certainly know my little grandson is for more comfortable with today's technology than I am! So I'm thrilled that such a huge number of children in our county have been on the receiving end of these valuable inputs from the PCSOs, giving them the knowledge and tools they need to enjoy all the huge benefits the internet can bring without putting themselves in harm's way. Such is the importance of this work; I have made sure the funding is in place for this vital work to continue this year."

– Ann Barnes, Kent Police and Crime Commissioner