The Home Secretary addresses the Police Federation

The Home Secretary and Maidenhead MP Theresa May stood before the Police Federation today - at its annual conference in Bournemouth - and accused its leaders of "crying wolf".

She said there had been much scaremongering over the effect of the cuts made to the police, yet crime was falling. Surrey - it's £28 million - and in Sussex, it's £50 million.

In the Thames Valley - £58 million pounds has been cut from the budget and, in Wiltshire, it's £13 million. All in the last five years, Jobs have gone and some roles merged into neighbouring forces. Millions more has yet to be saved.

Today, though, The Police Federation - which represents rank and file officers - hit back at Ms May. They say the cuts mean it's the end of neighbourhood policing. With the latest, our Political Correspondent Phil Hornby.