Quick thinking train driver praised for moving tree

A quick-thinking train driver who jumped out of their cab to remove a fallen tree blocking the line following high winds has been praised by his employers, Southeastern.

The driver was in charge of the 6.09am service from Tunbridge Wells to Charring Cross this morning following a stormy night and high winds across Kent.

But as the train pulled out of the station and headed up the line towards Frant, it neared the obstruction.

Realising this would hold up commuters heading into London, the driver jumped out of their cab and heaved the tree from the track and on to the side before continuing the journey.

The Southeastern driver’s actions prevented serious delays and meant the train was only nine minutes late as it ended its journey in central London.

“I’d like to say well done to our train driver. The quick-thinking actions of our employee meant that all the people on this busy commuter train did not suffer severe delays after a night of high winds blew this tree onto the tracks. While our employees are committed to getting our passengers to where they need to be every day, the actions of this driver are really impressive.”

– Richard Dean, Train Services Director at Southeastern