Twenty casualties in Salisbury Plain army crash

Around 20 soldiers were reported to have been injured in a multi-vehicle crash during a training exercise near Stonehenge yesterday evening.

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Army truck 'crashed into back of another vehicle'

An army officer and a sergeant suffered serious leg injuries after their four tonne truck crashed into the back of another vehicle during a training exercise.

A total of 11 soldiers were hospitalised following a smash between three military troop carriers on Salisbury Plain on Wednesday night.

Police released more details about the accident they believe happened when three trucks carrying Indian and British soldiers were travelling in convoy.

The front passengers of the rear truck were the most seriously injured - including an officer and a sergeant who were having leg surgery.

The driver of the third vehicle, another officer, suffered leg bruising and head injuries, while eight more people - all believed to be men - were also treated.

The crash happened at around 6.30pm on Wednesday in a field near to Westdown Camp, in Wiltshire.

Investigations are still ongoing but officers confirmed it is not believed mechanical failure played a part in the crash.

Officers, who have concluded a scene investigation, are now looking at potential human and environmental causes for the crash.

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