Port of Dover reopens but Operation Stack remains in place

The Port of Dover is reopen following industrial action but Operation Stack remains in place to deal with the backlog of traffic.

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Road Haulage Association calls for UK Government to lead EU discussions on Calais

The Road Haulage Association is calling for the UK Government to lead cross EU discussions to try and resolve the current crisis situation in Calais.

I welcome the announcement by the Government of more resources however; I believe that only concerted and integrated co-operation right across Europe can resolve this problem...

The resulting delays in freight vehicle movements are costing hauliers millions of pounds. For every hundred vehicles that have had no alternative but to wait, the cost will have been in excess of £30,000 per day. Although no definitive figure for the amount of vehicles stationery in Operation Stack at any one time is available, we’ve received reports from members that numbers at peak periods were over 2,500. This equates to a massive loss of £750,000 per day.

As well as the stress and fear being experienced by the drivers, the freight companies are taking a serious financial hit. In addition to the loss of revenue due to vehicles standing, an incalculable amount of money is also being lost through missed delivery times. What was a chronic situation is now turning into an acute emergency...

– Richard Burnett, Chief Executive of the Road Haulage Association

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