30 firearms collected in Wiltshire Police campaign

Firearms collected in campaign Credit: Wiltshire Police

More than 30 firearms have been collected by Wiltshire Police so far during an on-going firearms surrender.

Items collected include five shotguns, two handguns, four air rifles, seven air pistols, three rifles, two ‘45 revolvers’ and one antique firearm. Ammunition has also been collected with some of the firearms.

The force is half way through a two week surrender, which runs until 9pm on Sunday 20 September, and is appealing for people to hand over unlicensed or unwanted firearms and ammunition.

Inspector Steve McGrath said: “At this mid way point we are pleased with the number of firearms that have been handed in so far. The reaction from several people has been one of relief to get rid of firearms as they have had them in attics for years and not known the best way to safely get rid of them.

“We have also been contacted by licensed firearms owners who no longer have a use for them.

“Wiltshire is a safe county in which to live and gun crime in the UK has continued to fall year on year for the last ten years. We are not complacent about gun crime however, which is why we are running this surrender as we want as many firearms as possible to be collected and removed from our communities.”