Mum campaigning to protect babies from deadly meningitis

A Southampton mum, whose baby son survived meningitis, is encouraging parents to get their babies vaccinated against the disease.

Amy Carson knows how important it is to protect your child from the illness and is using Meningitis Research Foundation’s Awareness Week to get the message across.

From the start of September, the UK introduced a comprehensive vaccination programme against meningococcal B (MenB) meningitis and septicaemia for babies. Amy is urging parents to take advantage of it.

Amy, Pete and Oscar Carson Credit: Phillips Photography

Her son, Oscar, was just 6 months old when he was struck by the disease last year:

"I was devastated when the doctors said he had meningitis. Meningitis is something that you read about. Something that happens to other people, not to us. There were times when I thought we would lose him, as he got worse before he got better and it took almost three weeks for us to see any improvement at all.”

– Mum, Amy Carson

Chris Head, Chief Executive of the Meningitis Research Foundation, says it is vital people are aware of the symptoms. Meningitis can strike anyone, at any time, and there are also vaccination programmes for teenagers and first time university students. Meningitis kills one in ten, and leaves a third of survivors with severe life altering effects such as deafness, brain damage and loss of limbs.