Titanic biscuit could be sold for £10,000 at auction

The biscuit was found in a Titanic lifeboat Credit: Henry Aldridge

The world's most valuable biscuit is to be sold at auction in Wiltshire. It could fetch up to £10,000.

The Spillers and Bakers 'Pilot' biscuit survived the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. The biscuit was part of a survival kit stored within one of the lifeboats and was kept as a souvenir.

It will go under the hammer at Henry Aldridge & Son auctioneers in Devizes, Wiltshire on 24 October.

The biscuit was kept by a passenger on board the SS Carpathia which went to the aid of survivors from Titanic.

He put the biscuit in an envelope with a note, saying the snack was from Titanic.