Getting to do the news!

ITV News Meridian has invited young people to come and spend a day in our newsroom to find out what it's like to make, present and direct the news and weather from our new set and studios.

ITV News Meridian opens its newsroom to young people so they can find out what it's like to make, present and direct the news and weather.

Simon Parkin gives a special mention on the show tonight to all of those who came to our open newsroom day, here at ITV Meridian.

ITV newsrooms opened their studios to young people today so they could find out how we make the news weather and web. ITV News is working with the the Creative Diversity Network to organise the day and broadcasters including Channel 4, Channel 5, CNN and the BBC are all taking part.

Fred and Sangeeta show students around the studio Credit: ITV Meridian News

Participants are taking part in workshops and learning about the range of skills needed for news production. ITV Meridian presenters Fred Dinenage, Sangeeta Bhabra and Simon Parkin, along with the production team have been involved in giving the group a day they will never forget.

The magic of television! How Simon records his weather forecasts. Credit: ITV News Meridian

"Open Newsrooms is a fantastic opportunity - I wish something like this had been around when I was trying to break into the industry. I'm delighted we are working with CDN again to make this such a great day."

– Sangeeta Bharbra
The gallery where the producer and director sit during transmission Credit: ITV News Meridian

The first Open Newsroom Day was held in October 2014 and across the nation, 30 newsrooms opened their doors to over 500 young people interested in a career in broadcast journalism. One hundred journalists from across the country supported the event by sharing their stories on how they got started in news and by tweeting photo of themselves.

“The Open Newsroom Day is a fantastic opportunity for young people from communities that are under-represented in newsrooms to experience, first hand, the reality of a working newsroom and to network with those working in the industry. The CDN News Industry Working Group have created a successful template which engages young people across the country, opens doors and encourages their ambitions for a career in the industry.”

– Amanda Ariss, Executive Director , Creative Diversity Network
On camera a chance to sit in the studio and read the news Credit: ITV Meridian News
Learning about the role of the Television Director Credit: ITV News Meridian

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