Cost of HS2 'rises dramatically'

The cost of the controversial HS2 link which will run through the Thames Valley, has risen dramatically, according to figures given to the Treasury ahead of the spending review.

Cost of HS2 to 'rise dramatically' to £30 billion

The proposed route will link London and Birmingham Credit: ITV Meridian

It's reported today that the cost of HS2 has risen dramatically.

The new high speed line will link Birmingham and London and travel through Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

The initial cost was £21 billion which is now said to be £30 billion.

Artist's impression of the HS2 terminal in London Credit: PA

It follows news that electrification costs of the Grest Western line have tripled to £2.8 billion and is running late.

Many local people oppose the HS2 scheme saying it will cause damage to the countryside and create noise. They have long said there is no business case.

A protest sign in Wendover Credit: PA

It is also reported the entire project, including a second phase that runs to Leeds and Manchester, is now expected to cost up to £80 billion. That is up from the latest estimate of £50 billion.

The new figures were given to the Treasuary ahead of the Spending Review later in the month.

The Government say for every one pound spent the line will return at least another in economic benefit.

The Government company building the line say they are unable to comment on anything it may have sent to the Treasury ahead of the Spending Review.

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