Litter warning after rubber band kills hedgehog

The rubber band was wrapped tightly around the hedgehog's body Credit: RSPCA

A warning has been issued about spreading litter after the death of a hedgehog - caused by a rubber band.

The young hedgehog was found stumbling around in an unusual manner in daylight by a mother and daughter in Basingstoke.

RSPCA inspector Nikki Denham took the sick animal to Hart Wildlife Hospital near Alton, where it was discovered that the hedgehog was being restricted by an elastic band, cutting into the skin under its arms.

The hedgehog was treated at the wildlife hospital for two days before his suffering increased and a vet put the animal to sleep.

Inspector Denham said: “This poor hedgehog was clearly uncomfortable and his wounds from the elastic band had left him not only raw and very sore, but struggling with a nasty infection that had really taken hold of him."