The cost of dropping a cigarette end: £875

The smoker had pleaded not guilty Credit: ITV

A Kent smoker who pleaded not guilty to dropping a cigarette end has been convicted at Maidstone magistrates court and fined £200. He will have to pay a total of £875, including costs and a £20 victim surcharge, at £100 a month.

Jaswinder Khakh, 41, of Grange Road, contested a £75 fixed penalty notice after being seen discarding a cigarette end in Rathmore Road, Gravesend on 16 March.

It was alleged that Mr Khakh 'did deposit litter, namely a cigarette end, and leave it at Rathmore Road'.

He had entered a not guilty plea at his initial hearing on 13 October.

Gravesham council leader Councillor John Cubitt said: “This underlines our intention to prosecute those who disfigure the borough by carelessly throwing litter in the street. If people do not pay their fines we will pursue them in the courts.”