Man charged after shooting at 'wrong address'

A man has been found guilty of attempted murder and conspiracy to murder in Brighton.

Adam Willis, who's 33, was charged when a group of men went to the wrong flat on Elmore Road and fired a shot through the front door. A forty-year-old man suffered serious injuries.

Adam Willis has been charged with attempted murder and conspiracy to murder Credit: Sussex Police

"Organised criminals armed with a loaded shotgun were seeking to target a man who was not at the property. An innocent man was instead subjected to a shocking and frightening unprovoked attack at his home.

"This has been a long and complex investigation with officers supporting the victim and also the man who we believed to be the intended target.

"I would like to pay particular tribute to the victim of the attack, who showed significant bravery and the entire investigation team who have worked so tirelessly on the case since January."

– Detective Chief Inspector Paul Rymarz, of the Surrey and Sussex Major Crime Team