Hampshire teenager urges people to consider adoption and fostering

Credit: ITV news

A HAMPSHIRE teenager is urging people to consider offering a loving home to children in care by sharing her own story about adoption. Her words come ahead of an information being held by the charity Diagrama in Winchester tomorrow.

The 17 year old says: "My birth parents were both addicts. I was only little and didn’t always understand what was happening, but I remember being scared. Drugs were in the house all the time. My brother and I would hide in the cupboards when fights broke out in the house. Police would search the house looking for drugs and we would sometimes find needles hidden in the bread bin. Strange people kept coming to the house to take drugs and I was terrified. I was taken into care as a result of my parents taking drugs. This made me feel even more uncomfortable and more unsafe. Soon I found out that my social workers wanted to find a new home for us. That moment I felt safer than I had ever been. A feeling of someone who wanted us. My parents have helped me be more confident and not scared. To me living with them now is the safest place on earth."

The charity is calling for people across the county to get in touch as soon as possible if they believe they could help a child through fostering or adoption. They are holding an information evening at Middle Brook Centre on Wednesday, January 27th where people can find out more about the process involved in becoming a foster carer or adopter and learn about the children that need care.

Gunter Becht, adoption manager, said: “Harder to place children could have a disability - even a minor one – they could be older - aged four and above – part of a sibling group or may have ethnic heritage. Sadly, they often wait much longer for adoption, which is why we urgently need to hear from new adopters to make sure they are not forgotten.”

To find out more about fostering or adoption call Diagrama on 0208 668 2181 or email for an information pack.